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Interim/Fractional General Management

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What does a Fractional GM do?

As a privately owned business the opportunity to step away from the wheel or to know that you are treading the right path can be impossible. Fractional management support is the solution.

When your clients have staff leave, project influx or just need another pair of hands, you encourage them to “hire a temp or contractor”.

This is the same solution for your business.

Experienced Management

You can hire an experienced recruitment manager with a proven track record of success to run your business while you are away. Here are the most common reasons to use fractional management:


  • Leave cover for YOU the owner – from 1 week to 1 year
  • Leave cover for any of your senior leadership team
  • Preparation for change in structure or before a new manager starts
  • Testing the model to see how your business runs without you
  • To gain perspective from outside your organisation on strategy, actions or forecast plans


Part time or Full time options available.

Hybrid model for Melbourne and Sydney

Charged as a project s so you can budget for costs.

In House Training Options

Career Lasso can come to you

If you have recently recruited a new team member and need to get them up to speed we can train them for you so they can hit the ground running.  

If you think your whole team of consultants could benefit from additional training in specific areas such as business development or marketing to gain more clients we can come into your location and train in person or tailor a specific program to suit your needs. Speak to us we are open to making training work for you. 

For Potential Recruiters - Our Recruiter training course is well recognised within the industry

Training that sets you up for a new career

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How it works

Once you take the first step you will be enrolled in our comprehensive Recruitment Pathways training course.  The course consists of 6 x 3 hour live sessions plus 10+ hours of online learning including quizzes to test your knowledge. There is also access to free templates, resources and articles to further enhance your learning.

The training that you will undertake is real, hands on, relevant scenarios and exposure to live recruitment software platforms.  It also covers business development, client acquisition and all the tools you need to manage a recruitment desk from day one. The best part – it only takes 2 weeks!

What it Covers

Real life situations, client interactions, candidate mock interviews. We cover legislation and statutory requirements for recruiters. Compliance and best practice is an essential part of the role and you will complete the training course well equipped and informed. 

  • Workforce Legislation
  • Terms and Acronyms
  • End to End Recruitment Process including taking a brief, sourcing candidates, interviewing, reference checking and managing a placement
  • Business Development and Account Management
  • Terms of Business and Objection handling

Along the way you will have lots of opportunity to ask questions, interact and hone your skills.

The Recruitment Pathways Program

We do things differently, and even secure you work before you start training.


Step 1 - Secure a placement

Step 2 - Train & practice skills

Step 3 - Start your new career

You register directly with Career Lasso, we assess if you have what it takes to start a career in recruitment then will refer you to recruitment agencies in our network to help you secure a placement. No upfront cost to you at this point.

Once a placement is locked in, we enrol you in our unique training program which costs $500 plus GST – Government Funding Available.  You only pay the training fee once the placement is secured.  Some elements of the training you complete online in your own time, alongside scheduled workshops to give you a chance to practice skills. 

Upon successful completion of the course you start your new job (fully paid) and we provide on-boarding support for the first 4 weeks.

You are in the industry and well on the way to your new successful career.

Training in person and online

Want to learn more?

In Person training

You will be trained by experienced recruiters and recruitment managers that understand the process fully.

Online Modules

A mixture of online modules and face to face learning (over zoom currently) which gives you the confidence to try out your new skills in a safe environment.

Affordable Pricing

We keep our pricing affordable so that you can make this change in your career journey quickly and easily.

Placement Included

Placement with a recruitment agency after your training is part of our value added service and in most cases we have agencies ready to engage.


Graduate with a certificate from Career Lasso, industry recognised and respected, a great start to your new career.

Continuous Mentoring

We are always here for our graduates, we provide tools, advice, mentoring and further information to help your on your journey.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

You contact Career Lasso expressing interest in taking a newly trainer recruiter from our program. Or you arrange to train someone you have already employed. 

We match your agency and work type to the various participants of our training program. Once we have a match we place them with your agency. The participant pays a nominal fee to us for the training and we invoice you for the placement. 

You gain a highly motivated and well trained new recruit. We ensure they are on-boarded and settling in. You have just found a simple solution to bring new talent into your team. 

 Please contact us for our confidential pricing

Course strengths at a glance

Course Highlights

The course is comprehensive, we ensure that all the skills required to set you up as a recruitment consultant are covered. 

The course is 2 weeks of intensive training and practice plus access to templates, resources and articles. This ensures the learning is put to practice immediately.

Legislation & Legal Requirements
Recruitment Software & ATS
End to End Recruitment - Scenario & Situational based
Business Tools, Skills & Documentation

Other Services

We love to share our knowledge and experience

We are open to developing a bespoke program to suit your needs if you are a recruitment agency.  Our trainers have years of recruitment consultant and management experience. 

Speaking at conferences, conducting webinars, content and white papers can be arranged upon request. Our trainers are well known in the industry and are well regarded thought leaders in recruitment.

Speaking & Presenting

To book Career Lasso to speak at your event please contact us we are able to assist.

Recruitment Advice

If you need advice on setting up a recruitment agency, or have an established business which needs some help, Career Lasso can assist. 

Had a lightbulb moment?

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