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If you're at a crossroads and considering a career in recruitment, you have come to the right place.

At Career Lasso we take motivated people and turn them into professional recruiters.  Trained, focused and ready to start.

The Sky's The Limit

Our program equips you with all the skills to become a recruiter.

This program is industry recognised and provides the access to breaking into that first all important opportunity.  We have the key to the door marked “career”.

Currently we are pleased with government funding to be able to offer:

  • Certificate in Recruitment
  • Job in the industry with a Recruitment Company
  • Our comprehensive course

All this is at no cost for a limited time. Get in touch to secure your place with us. 

This is the first step

It's not just a course, it's an entry to a new career.

Our program is different.  instead of studying and hoping to get a job or finding an employer to give you a break but being lost in your new role, we provide the bridge across this gap so you start in the best way possible.

Training in person and online

Want to learn more?

In Person training

You will be trained by experienced recruiters and recruitment managers that understand the process fully.

Online Modules

A mixture of online modules and face to face learning (over zoom currently) which gives you the confidence to try out your new skills in a safe environment.

Affordable Pricing

We keep our pricing affordable so that you can make this change in your career journey quickly and easily.

Placement Included

Placement with a recruitment agency after your training is part of our value added service and in most cases we have agencies ready to engage.


Graduate with a certificate from Career Lasso, industry recognised and respected, a great start to your new career.

Continuous Mentoring

We are always here for our graduates, we provide tools, advice, mentoring and further information to help your on your journey.

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CEO & Head Trainer

Our Team

Recruitment, marketing & training professionals.

Industry's best

The people driving our success.

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