What others won't tell you about a career in recruitment.

What others won’t tell you about a career in recruitment

You might have heard about recruitment, you may have tried to apply for a role or you may even have worked in the industry but there is much the others won’t or don’t tell you about what it is like to work as a recruiter.
It is a job for graduates
Whilst many people might start their working life as a recruiter, for most recruiters they “fell” into recruitment and it was after they had worked elsewhere and wanted to build a career. Those long term experienced recruiters in the profession will tell you they didn’t intend to get into recruitment but once they found their way there, they made a great career out of it. ABS statistics tell us the average age of recruiters is 36 (which is slighter younger than the overall industry average of worker) but it is still older than most traditional university graduates.
It’s about helping people and making an impact in their lives
Absolutely yes this is what we do but don’t forget that recruitment is a business service. It is about assisting a company with solving a business problem that happens to be talent related. This is like saying your accountant does your tax as they love to calculate or your lawyer provides advice because they love to see the law in action. The reality is the impact we have on people’s lives is a cool part of the job but not the reason most recruiters do what they do.
You just need to like talking to people
This skill definitely helps as you will do a lot of talking to people in your recruitment career, but just talking isn’t going to make you successful. You need to understand how to influence and build trust. You need to understand people at a molecular level so you understand how they think and what drives them. You get people talking to do this but you must have an analytical mind to process information and quickly.
You can earn great money in a recruitment career
Again one that is true but like most things in life, money flows to those that work hard. It is a career that will require a level of persistence, resilience and drive unlike anything you might have thought you were capable of. I mean tell me another role where your ability to provide your service is impacted by people’s change of mind or want for a higher salary or just that they don’t like their boss anymore. You CAN earn great money in a recruitment career but be prepared to put in the work to make it happen.
Many articles you will find about a career in recruitment will be written by those who want you to join their company. We provide general and unbiased information for those truly wishing to find out if a recruitment career is right for them – reach out for a chat today.

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